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Dessert Menu

Descriptions courtesy of Bernadette Czeryba.

All of our desserts, with the exception of the Macadamia Nut Pie from Hawaii, are made in-house in order to bring you fresh and tasty sweets to accompany your meal. Can’t you almost taste them!


Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie ~ $8.00

Our Peanut Butter Ice Cream Pie is made with Dreyer's French Vanilla Ice Cream, Creamy Peanut Butter, and shaved Hershey's Symphony chocolate in an oreo cookie crust. Drizzled with chocolate, topped with Whipped Cream.


Key Lime Pie ~ $8.00

Our Key Lime Pie is extremely tart and very refreshing. Ina graham cracker crust, we top it with fresh lightly sweetened whipped cream


New York Style Cheesecake | Triple Chocolate ~ $8.00

We make two different types of cheesecake, a New York style with a graham cracker crust and triple chocolate with an Oreo cookie crust. The triple chocolate is white chocolate cheesecake,  chocolate cheesecake, and chocolate frosting. Both are very creamy and delicious.  

With Strawberry or chocolate Topping ~ $8.50


Chocolate Sweet Potato Pie ~ $8.00

A delicious twist on an old southern tradition. Sweet potato custard, tinged with nutmeg, flecked with milk chocolate, baked in a chocolate crust, and topped with a fresh bourbon and cinnamon whipped cream.


Carrot Cake ~ $8.00

Our Carrot cake is topped with cream cheese frosting and pecans. Moist and chock full of carrots, pineapple, and coconut, a perfect ending for your meal.


Creme Brulee ~ $8.00

The Creme Brulee is a soft egg custard with a caramelized sugar top. It has a very delicate flavor and is probably our lightest dessert.


Macadamia Nut Pie ~ $8.00

Our Macadamia Nut Pie is shipped directly from Kailua Kona. A taste that takes you back to the islands.


Ice Cream or Sherbet ~ $6.00

Dreyer's French Vanilla Ice Cream or Rainbow Sherbet.

With Strawberry or chocolate Topping ~ $6.50

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